Less admin.
More professional.

Our app automates the manual work to save tutors and their clients time

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Tutors don’t spend hours sending invoices. Clients don’t get chased to pay them.



The payment status is clearly displayed. Clients are reminded of upcoming lessons.


Fast feedback

Tutors can leave feedback and homework after each lesson. Client’s can see what’s been taught.

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Secure payments

We use Stripe to process secure payments.


We’ve put everything tutors need in one place



Automatic invoices and payments

Invoice is sent automatically after the lesson.
Clients pay in one click.

Clients can enable automatic payments so they don’t need to confirm each time

Automatic invoice from tutor easy payment



All lessons synced to the client

Tutor schedules single or recurring lessons in the app. Everything auto-syncs to their client’s portal.

Sync lessons with your iCal or GoogleCal
(coming soon)

Private tutors can schedule lesson in the tutor app



Get paid for cancellations

Send professional T&Cs to your client before you start. Charge clients if they cancel last minute, always at your discretion.

Private tutors can get paid if the lesson is cancelled at short notice



Track your earnings

We’ll notify you when you’ve been paid.
Track your performance month by month.
Forecast future cashflows.

Private tutors can track their earnings and payments from the tutor app



Track your expenses

Add and categorise all your tax-deductible expenses.
Download them for your accountant in one tap.

Take a photo of your receipts (coming soon)

Private tutors can track all their tax deductible expenses from the tutor app



Write notes on the lesson

Track what you’ve taught for each student.
Any feedback you add auto-syncs to your client’s portal.

Private tutors can write notes, feedback and reports for their students on the tutor app



Send automatic lesson reminders

Clients are sent an email 24 or 48hr before each lesson. Less no-shows

Private tutors can send lesson reminders to their students using the tutor app.



Download 10,000+ exam papers

All levels. 7+ to GCSE.
For you and your clients.

Past papers, exam papers, worksheets for all levels - 7+, 10+, 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, GCSE, A Level



Professional client portal

Clients interact with tutors through a professional, easy-to-navigate web portal which allows them to view scheduled lessons, feedback, resources, payments and more…

View a demo of what clients get —>

This demo is for desktop, not mobile :)

The clients of private tutors get their own professional portal where they can view lessons, download worksheets and exam papers and see their tutors



Download everything for your tax

Download your expenses and earnings. Everything is ready for your accountant when it’s tax time

Private tutors can download their tax information for their accountant



Build a professional website

Add your credentials and experience in the app.
Share it with clients across all platforms and devices.

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It’s easy to get started



Add your clients

Set your own cancellation policy, lessons reminders, terms and conditions and rates

Add your clients


Send invoice

After the lesson, tap “Complete” and an invoice is sent to the client automatically

Send invoice


One-click payment

Your client receives an email invoice and confirms payment. We’ll notify you.

Simple and secure payment

Everything else is handled 🎉

  1. Invoice sent
    2. Feedback saved
    3. Earnings tracked