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How it works



Apply for a job

Enter your rate for each job. We’ll notify you if your profile is shared with the client by the poster.

Add your clients


Client hires you

The client reviews your profile and may contact you to discuss the role. We’ll notify you if they hire you from their account.

Send invoice


Start scheduling lessons

Lessons you add sync to the your client’s account automatically. Send an invoice and feedback to your client after each lesson.

Simple and secure payment

Our vision



Today, agencies charge 25-50% commission fees for a one-off introduction

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Imagine if tutors could be incentivised to refer jobs they can’t fill to other recommended tutors. This way clients could find the best tutors without going through the agencies

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JAN-MAR 2019

Admin tool

We built an app that automates invoicing, payments and feedback to save tutors and clients time

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Admin Tool



MAY-JUN 2019

Seeding the network 🌱

Tutors join the network ready to start posting jobs and find new clients in the run up to the new term

The Tutors Network
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Jobs board & referrals

Post a job. Tutors apply and connect with the client. We pay you a £2 for every hour that’s paid via the app for the first 3 months 🚀

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