Ask Away

That moment when I realised. That moment I knew. I was sat in my A-Level History lesson listening to political parties changing tactics, countrymen re-electing presidents and prime ministers, these powerful men making treaties and agreeing to disagree. My mind racing and brain aching, my hands clammy and heart racing : my hand overruling my mind. Without self-control, straight in the air it flew. My mind screaming, Don’t do it! Don’t say anything! I asked that all embarrassing question as my peers stared judgementally into my soul. Their glare reaching deep into my stomach. I prayed my mouth would stay silent.

"Sir" I continued… "I don’t understand. Could we go through that again?"

And breathe.

To my amazement a calm set in. My heart resting. “Of course, we can Poppy. Does anyone else have any questions?”

It was okay. No one died. I said the unthinkable and it turns out, there were a few people who were just as lost as I was.

It was then when the fear of man diminished. It was then I realised that I could help others to be confident to admit their own weaknesses. As humans, we find it difficult to admit our mistakes but even more shaming, is our realisation that we may not understand. We may need time to comprehend a subject or thought. This is growth. This realisation is knowledge.

We have probably all heard that knowledge is power. But why?

Knowledge enables the world to make sense and for our mind to comprehend this understanding. Therefore, when we are learning and accumulating knowledge we must view this as our journey to power. Because without knowledge we have no path, but with it, we have a compass and the strength to direct our own steps. Once we accept that we need time and to stop occasionally on our journey, our path becomes clearer.

To all students, young and old, creative and structured; your minds are your source of power. Do not be afraid to stop. To ask why. To admit that a subject or topics needs to be revisited in order for you to understand it.

This is not weakness. This is strength.

Why tutoring makes the difference

When teaching, I know that it is vital that we accept this and allow time to draw things apart and get to the core or the topic. When we look at a topic together, our mission is to get to the core. Dynamic lessons allow us to discover and grow in knowledge!

To teach and impart knowledge is a gift. Imparting knowledge, imparts power. Therefore, in a tutoring session with me all questions are answered with no clammy hands in sight. No need for racing hearts and a soul terrifying feeling that others are judging one’s intellect. Tutoring should be the confidence builder for minds, and with this confidence you will have no barriers (external or internal) to stop your understanding and passion for a subject to blossom. That is my goal and my ethos when teaching.

I am a tutor based of learning from what the world has to offer and learning from my own experiences. Focusing on English and Maths and believe it or not, History too, all up to GCSE. The ability to help young minds grow and blossom is a beautiful privilege. So if you need a tutor based in Dorset or have any queries at all, ask away!

By Poppy Radwanski