Tutors become each other’s agents

Tutors can find and share clients across the network

Post a job. Tutors apply and connect with the client. We pay you for every hour that’s paid through the app 🚀

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Benefits For Tutors

Earn passive income

Earn passive income

Connect a tutor with a client. We pay you 50p for every hour they process

+ 30p if you bring a new tutor into the network

Trusted tutors

Refer trusted tutors

Every tutor is ID checked and endorsed by other tutors on the network

Find new clients

Find new clients

Apply for jobs posted by other tutors in a couple of taps


Use our tool to calculate what you could earn



How it works



Verify your ID

Every tutor must verify their ID to join the network. It’s as simple as taking a selfie and photo of your drivers licence or passport

The Tutors Network can also process DBS applications for you. We charge no fee for this service.




Post a job

We’ll notify the relevant tutors on the network

Post a job private tutor.png



Tutors apply

You review their profile and rates

3 Tutors apply.png



Send tutor profile to client

Send the profiles of one or more tutors to your client

4. Send tutor profile to client.png



Tutor schedules lessons

Client and tutor discuss the role, and tutor schedules lessons in the app




Invoice and payment

Tutor taps ‘Complete lesson’. We send an invoice to the client automatically. They can pay in one click.

6. Invoice and payment.png